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Fieldster Understands What It Takes to Run a Pest Control Company

Fieldster was founded by the owner of a mid-sized and fast-growing pest control business (pest control and lawn care specifically) who couldn’t find software to effectively run and scale his business. So instead of settling, he took action and formed a team to develop a modern, easy-to-use solution for himself. After seeing the positive impact it had on his business, others started to ask about it, and the software was eventually made available to other companies.
Thus Fieldster was formed!

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You’re in good company.

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what real life customers have to say about how our product helped grow their business and how our unmatched customer service was always there to rely on.

"My favorite aspect of Fieldster by far is the staff. They understand the industry and are friendly, funny, prompt, helpful, and all-around good human beings."

Lauren O'Kelly

Bohannon Services