5 Tips To Supercharge Your Pest Control Company During the Busy Season

The pest control busy season is here, and it can get pretty hectic. Most pest control companies just try to survive the busy season, but the most successful ones strive to prosper. The key to prospering is a commitment to a vision and a plan. 

Here are five tips that will turbocharge your pest control company during the season and set you on the path to success. 


Tip 1: Set Goals & Expectations

Set goals and expectations for your company and for the individuals within your organization. Setting goals for your company helps you to see the big picture. 

Set goals for your technicians and offer incentives to boost their motivation. Clearly defined goals lead to increases in productivity and job satisfaction. Seek a balance between “laying down the law” to set clear expectations and offering rewards that express gratitude to individuals that go above and beyond.


Tip 2: Utilize Software Features

The pest control software options on the market have a lot of great features, but most pest companies only utilize a fraction of the available options. This is generally because the features are complicated and most software providers don’t offer much support. 

Fieldster includes the features you expect and more, but the key to our success is the personalized care and attention that we give every customer. This is especially critical during the busy season when a good software solution can make everyone’s job easier IF it is utilized. 


Tip 3: Use Reports To Analyze Data

Reporting tools help you track progress and maintain momentum during the busy season. An effective reporting tool calls attention to areas where your business is achieving as well as areas where your business is falling short. Dashboard visuals, graphs, and charts help you monitor sales performance, efficiency, and other critical metrics. 

Would you like to compare Fieldster’s reporting capabilities? Contact us for a free demo.   


Tip 4: Encourage Breaks

Your employees may want to work nonstop during the busy season to achieve their goals, but everyone benefits when you encourage them to take breaks. Employees who take regular breaks make fewer mistakes and do a better job maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day. Employee retention will improve, and you will find it easier to build a quality team. 


Tip 5: Stay Organized & On Track

Organized and focused administrative support keeps service techs on schedule and sets business owners free to focus on business development.  We know that sometimes getting a business organized is easier said than done, but none of the other advice in this post will matter if you don’t stay organized and on track. Identify individuals with administrative talent and empower them to lead, and other parts of your strategy will start falling into place. 

Fieldster was designed to help pest control companies thrive with a world-class platform and a dedicated support rep. To learn more about what we can do for you, schedule a demo!