A Guide to Pest Control Management Software: How It Can Save You Time and Increase Your Bottom Line

The success of just about any business depends heavily on satisfied customers, eager referrals, and a dedicated team of employees. That’s a fact. However, it’s not unusual for those of us in any business – especially pest control – to over-emphasize these elements at the expense of developing efficient processes and operations. 

Studies estimate that the pest control market will be worth almost $28 billion by 2025. With opportunities AND competition increasing, now is the time to make sure you have all the best resources for streamlining and strengthening your business. 

To that end, we’re focusing this post on the benefits of pest control management software. So, to help you make the best decisions for your business, we put together this guide to pest control management software and how it can improve operations and increase revenue.


Lead Management

One way to grow your business is to acquire new customers. However, it can be easy to misplace information or lose track of who talked to a given prospect, when, and about what. Often, pest management software provides a sales tool that allows you to:

-        Identify and track leads

-        Assign leads to a team member

-        Create electronic service agreements for quick processing

-        Set up automatic payments for sales

-        Track performance goals and sales reports


With these tools, you can efficiently and effectively bring potential customers into the sales process. Critical details about each potential customer can easily and accurately be communicated throughout your organization, leading to more of those all-important conversions.


Improved Communication

Pest management software can also support your business growth and maximize process efficiency through strategic communication tools. Pest Management software provides a single portal accessible by authorized employees at all times. With mobile capabilities, you can even have the answers to a customer’s questions right in your pocket. In addition, you can put in an additional service request while still on-site and take payments directly from the field. 

Pest management provides a two-way communication vehicle between your field and office staff. So, even when your team is spread out across town, operations are still working in real-time without any delays.


A Single Solution

Less is more, and this includes the software you use for your business. While you might be happy with your billing software, AND your sales software, AND even consider your paperwork system manageable -- when you juggle too many items, eventually one will drop. With a single, comprehensive suite of software, you can have one portal for billing, sales, and record-keeping that includes:

-        Customer management

-        Route management (save time and money by finding the best service route!)

-        Billing

-        Reporting

-        Commercial services management

-        Pre and post-service communication

-        Lead and sales tracking

-        And more!


Enhanced Customer Experience

Acquiring new customers is exciting, but the ability to retain current ones offers even greater value towards growing your business. Providing high-quality customer service is the key to creating loyal and satisfied customers. And while customer service itself doesn’t come from a handy pest management software program, the right software package can equip your team with the tools and information they need to respond to customer needs quickly, effectively, and accurately.


But Wait, There’s More

What we’ve discussed here is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of pest control management software. In short, the efficiency, process automation, and real-time information that this software provides can help you utilize your time to maximize productivity and revenue -- propelling you towards business growth and greater profitability. 

To learn more about these benefits, schedule a FREE live demo of our pest management software, and get firsthand insight into how these tools can help reduce expenses and boost your bottom line!