Everything You Need to Know About Fieldster

What is Fieldster

Fieldster is a unique tool that helps pest control companies grow their business and increase profits. Our 7-step implementation process begins with a welcome call with your dedicated representative who coordinates planning sessions, data imports, training, data conversion, and launch. Your representative then provides continuous support and guidance to help you achieve the maximum ROI. We value our relationships with clients and work to produce the best service possible. 


We would like to share a few of the most common questions that we hear from clients. Do you have a question that isn’t on this list? Contact us, and one of our team members will help you find an answer. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do we have route optimization?

A: Yes! Route optimization analyzes the locations of upcoming appointments and optimizes routes for your technicians to minimize drive time. The tool can also optimize appointments at the beginning of the month and fill up the days rather than disperse appointments throughout the month.

Q:    What is our pricing?

A: We have a competitive flat rate based on gross annual revenue. Pricing starts as low as $149 per month.

Just schedule a live demo to find out what this means for your company. Our pricing includes unlimited users for all of the following: Core system, Mobile app, Customer Portal, Sales Portal, and Emails. 

Q.    Do we have a Dashboard?

A: Yes! Your dashboard makes it easy to quickly access the reports that are most important to you. We have 19 current reports currently available with more on the way. The dashboard visualizes your KPIs (key performance indicators) using graphics like bar charts and pie charts to provide quick insight into how your company is doing.    

Q:  Do you have a mobile app for the technicians in the field?

A: Yes, the Fieldster Mobile App is available for Android and iOS. The app provides customer insights and supports service tracking and mobile communication.

Q: How does your scheduling work?

A: Fieldster allows you to schedule upcoming services individually or in bulk. You can quickly find available service times and reduce drive time by viewing the proximity of service stops. It also allows you to add time blocks for vacations, meetings or personal time which prevents you from overscheduling. You can use the Route Editor tool to reassign routes.

Q: What makes you different from everyone else out there?

A: You! The Fieldster team is dedicated to helping our clients grow their revenue and their profits because we know our clients and our clients know us. Your passion for your business and your customers drives us to improve every day. We take the time to understand our clients and their businesses in order to determine ways they can be the most successful.


If you still have questions that are unanswered, be sure to contact us by leaving a message on our website or giving us a call at (205) 582-5397.