Find & Retain Pest Control Technicians You & Your Customers will Love

Loyal, hardworking, dedicated employees are hard to find. We’ve all experienced world-class interviewees who turned out to be second class employees. Once you find a great employee, the next great challenge is keeping them. It can feel like a never-ending cycle.
How do you find the right people? How can you make them want to stay? Read on to find out in the Fieldster guide to attracting and retaining the right employees.

It Starts With Marketing

Promote your business to potential employees like you would to customers. Many companies post online ads on job recruiter sites like Indeed. That’s a great first step, but some of the best potential candidates may not look there for a job. Post job openings on social media. Use a boosting budget to increase exposure and encourage your employees to like and share the posts. If you have several positions to fill, consider print ads in local publications to reach the kinds of people you hope to hire. 

ABI (Always Be Interviewing!)

If you wait until you have a vacant position to start interviewing, you have waited too long. Finding, recruiting, and interviewing talented individuals should be a part of EVERY WEEK. If you commit to setting a little time aside each week, you will be amazed at the results in your team and your company culture.


Once you’ve interviewed candidates and carefully considered who you should hire, it is time to make an offer. The hiring and onboarding process makes a lasting impression on your new team member. It is almost impossible to overcome a terrible onboarding process to build a positive, long-lasting relationship. 

Competitive Pay

Pay your employees at the market rate based on their position. An employee might be willing to join your team at a lower rate for a variety of reasons, but eventually, they will move on because they won’t feel valued. 
In competitive markets, the market rate can be difficult to determine. Don’t get locked in a bidding war for good employees. Offer interesting and thought-provoking benefits to differentiate from your competitors. A benefit like a gym membership doesn’t cost very much, but it is the kind of thing candidates will remember and talk about. 

Your Business’ Reputation

Your business’s reputation matters a lot when it comes to attracting and keeping employees. No one wants to work for a company with a bad rep. Competitive compensation won’t matter if your employees are embarrassed to admit where they work. Cultivating your business reputation will lead to more sales, and it will also help you find and retain talented employees. 

Reward Loyalty

Long-term loyalty deserves a reward. Your employees aren’t obligated to stay with you forever. But if your employees are reaching work milestones, they should be rewarded. Develop a clear incentive structure to reward performance and loyalty, and your entire team will step up.  

Take Care of Your People

It is important to show you see your employees as individuals. If they start feeling they are “just a number,” performance and employee retention will decline. One way you can show you care about your people is the way you respond when someone decides to leave. We know this tip must seem counterintuitive since we just praised the virtues of loyalty. Be conscientious in celebrating your employees’ success and opportunities, even when those opportunities take them to a new job, and you will be astounded how much trust and loyalty you build with your remaining team. When you treat an employee who turns in a 2-week notice with kindness and respect fewer employees turn in 2-week notices. 

Opportunities to Advance

Good employees want to develop their skills and advance in the company. You should give them the opportunity. Not only will they become better at what they do, but they will also be pleased to know you care about their professional development and will be more likely to stay. 

You Have Two Ears And One Mouth For a Reason!

When an employee is expressing concerns, listen. One employee voicing a concern is usually an indication there are five more employees with the same concern who haven’t spoken up. Create an environment where employees feel empowered to come to you with ideas and criticism. Good employees criticize in constructive ways because they want to make your company better. This criticism is a good thing! 

Company Culture

Company culture is the primary factor determining how long technicians stay in a job, and culture takes everyone. You can do all of the things described in this guide, but if you have a negative team it won’t make much difference. You could also undermine a great team by failing to live up to the advice in this guide. Culture is the sum of all of the parts described in this document. Leadership. A quality team. Competitive incentives. These all add up to a positive company culture. Think about the kind of company culture you want to build, and use that to guide all of the strategies described in this blog.

We think the software you use to run your company can have a positive effect on your culture. When your team is running like a well-oiled machine, everyone knows what they should be doing, why they are doing it, and how to get it done. If your software platform doesn’t offer the personalized care and support required to help your team run smoothly, then we would love to talk to you. Schedule a demo to see how our software works and learn more about our one-to-one onboarding and support.