Why We’re Relaunching as Fieldster

You may have noticed that we have a new name and look. Here’s why.

Our previous name, Key 7 Software, was originally intended to be temporary when we launched the business, but it ended up sticking for a few years. It’s a long story…

Regardless, we decided now was a good time for a “relaunch,” which is far more than just a new name and some pretty colors. The process started last year with a totally refreshed user interface for our product. After we successfully released the new UI, we then tackled the name, logo, and web presence.

As we began this stage of the process, there were a few things that were important with the new name. We wanted it to be approachable, memorable, concise, and reflect the market we serve (but not too narrow). Thus, Fieldster was born.

With the new name in hand, we addressed the visual identity next. That’s when we brought in the professionals, our friends at Scout Branding.

We tasked them with coming up with a logo that would stand out from the crowd, be a little fun, and have “brandable” opportunities. Although our dog (a pointer to be more precise) is somewhat unexpected, we quickly fell in love with what it represented. But just to be sure, we tested it with several others and got similar reactions. After all, who doesn’t love a good dog?

An example of our “brandability” is our homepage headline which states, “We are a field service company’s best friend!” Other terms and phrases that came to mind in seeing the logo and hopefully reflect our customer obsession include companion, trusted, unique breed, and point you in the right direction.

In the end, this new name and logo reflects our continued commitment to providing you with mission-critical solutions and exceptional experiences focused on making your life (and success) easier.

The final step in the process was the creation of a completely new website. The result is:

  • A fresher, more modern look and design
  • Clearer articulation of our value and how we help our customers succeed
  • Transparency with things like pricing
  • Better reflection of our personality

Then, we brought in professionals to help. This time it was Infomedia, and we think they nailed it. We hope you agree.

Regardless of what we call ourselves, our customers remain at the center of everything we do, and we are extremely proud to serve this market for years to come.